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New Voice is a worldwide solution provider for workflow optimization and efficiency. Our solutions address business processes such as security, emergency, business process communication, IT, and automation. The main goal at New Voice is to make communication a cost-saving factor while increasing service levels and security.

Our flagship product, MobiCall, is a unique multi-protocol / multi-interface decision server for automation and workflow enhancement. It can be integrated into every strategic business process or communication that is essential for the success of your business.


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Workflow Optimization: DRAG & DROP

IT and Infrastructure Supervision

IP-Box: Easy Contact and Sensor Management


MobiCall provides innovative Mobile Clients for Smartphones:

Find out more about the solution and workflows in our MobiCall Mobility Presentation:

MobiCall Mobility Presentation
(Solution Description, Workflows, Examples, Feature List)

MobiCall Solution Mobility Handout
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This will change how you run your hotel!


All functions and interfaces on one box:
Fire, BMS, Evacuation, Fidelio, Guest Response, Minibar, Roomstatus,...


MobiCall helps you concentrate on your business and not on your alarms. How?
...contact us and find out:
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We are proud to announce:
MobiCall is certified with Unify!
Customers benefit from a rich feature list that enables powerful workflows and a comprehensive solution for all requirements.


MobiCall Hospitality Gateway
Alcatel Applications Club
One universal hotel interface gateway for integration with Fidelio Opera for accounting, room control, emergency, evacuation, minibar, room status and everything else you need to run your hotel!


Certification with innovaphone:
Based on the evaluation concluded April 16th, 2014, this product is recommended for use with innovaphone PBX solutions.


MobiCall integrates the
My IC Phone

For further information download our handout:

New Voice MobiCall Alcatel-Lucent My IC Phone Solution Handout